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About New Story

Our core purpose is to build life-changing communities.

Our Story

The Team

We're a small team, located in San Francisco, working extremely hard to change trajectories around the world.

Our Team

Our Advisors

These individuals help drive our mission with leadership, advice, and a swift kick in the butt when we need it.

Our Advisors

100% Promise

When you donate, ever penny goes directly to home construction. Separate donors cover all of our operating expenses (thank you!) so every donation you make can go to the field.

How It Works

Video Proof

You see the exact family you're helping. We assign every donation to a family so you can see their faces & hear their story.

Our Values

Express gratitude and empathy

Always go above and beyond to do for others what you'd like them to do for you.

Think big, break down, execute

Set big measurable goals, formulate a plan, then execute the plan with relentless focus.


Do more with less. This applies to everything: marketing, design, team meetings, writing, operations, etc..

Improve through learning

Learn why something worked or didn't work, then implement the learning into future actions.

Change trajectories

We started by changing a few life trajectories, then a whole community, and then realized we're trying to change the trajectory of the entire non-profit experience.

Team of founders

A continual mindset to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Meet A Family

Learn About Our Process. For Locals, By Locals