We transform slums into sustainable communities.

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We partner with local nonprofits to build sustainable ~$6,000 homes.

A home is so much more…


Clean water and proper sanitation greatly decrease the risk of disease and sickness.

Homes = Health


Kids can focus on education, have a place to study, and perform to their potential.

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The foundation of a home creates opportunities to earn more and start businesses.

Nancy's New Business

Our Locations

Leveque, Haiti

Tent slum depleted! Our donors funded 151 homes, transforming Leveque into a sustainable community.




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Nuevo Cuscátlan, El Salvador

90 families live in extreme danger here. Our mission: build safe homes for everyone in this village.




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The Story of Education

Meet Olvitch, his dream is to be a doctor.

“What’s the hardest part about being a doctor?”

“I don’t really know,” he admits, “but I’d like to care about the patients.”

Olvitch is in third grade and is just one example of what happens when kids have stable, safe homes to focus on education.

Olvitch even started a business when he moved in a safe home. He speciality - bracelets.

“I bought a goat with money from yesterday,” Olvitch told us. “I give my mom the money I earn from selling bracelets, she goes to the bank to exchange the money, then she buys food or pays for school for my siblings.”

Nancy's New Business

Meet Nancy, a recent recipient of a New Story home and member of the new community in Leveque, Haiti.

Next to the three cement steps leading to her porch are ten baskets of charcoal. “I would like to start a business. I can sell charcoal and oranges,” Nancy said on her move in day.

Just two months later from that statement, she is running a small charcoal operation right outside of her front door, providing essential support for her family.

Nancy’s charcoal business is just the beginning of her new life. She has started planting plantains and beans in her backyard, which she can use to feed her family or sell.

Homes = Health

Without access to basic sanitation, families are exposed to life-threatening health risks. Poor sanitation and hygiene have many other serious repercussions beyond illness. 

When families have no clean-water access, they spend hours of otherwise productive time collecting water. This water is often unclean, improperly stored (sometimes attracting mosquitos), and can be a source of sickness. 

Without adequate sanitation and hygiene, sustainable development is impossible.

The homes we build have full access to clean sanitation facilities and water. This is a big deal, with life-changing implications.